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Free Second Language Instruction and Courses

WHEREAS, numerous entities, including but not limited to public schools and community colleges, provide classes to non-limited-English speaking populations free of charge, and

WHEREAS, foreign language instruction classes are only available to English speaking populations by course offerings, which require tuition or a fee; and

WHEREAS, most employers now want, or at least prefer, bilingual candidates; and

WHEREAS, most modern-day immigrant populations come to America already speaking two or more languages; and

WHEREAS, African Americans' are further disenfranchised by overwhelmingly speaking only one language; it would help to level the playing field by assisting African Americans to become more competitive in the job market, and

WHEREAS, it would assist African Americans to be able to better communicate with other ethnic communities and cultures by understanding their languages, leveling the playing field and bridging the gap that has resulted in cross-cultural conflicts.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all public education entities providing free classes to non-limited-English speakers to learn English, also be required to provide free foreign language instruction classes to populations who only speak English.