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Group of NAACP Advocate

Legislative Advocacy Toolkit

Group of NAACP Advocate

In our continuing fight for social justice, the policies and laws enacted at the state level have profound impacts on our communities. State governments control a wide range of issues directly affecting our daily lives, from education and healthcare to voting rights and criminal justice.

By engaging in state lobbying, we can:

  • Influence Legislation: Lobbying provides us an opportunity to influence lawmakers on legislation that can either advance or hinder our fight for civil rights and equity.

  • Educate and Inform: Through direct dialogue, we educate legislators about the issues our communities face and advocate for solutions that benefit everyone.

  • Amplify Voices: A State Lobby Day amplifies the voices of those often un heard in the legislative process, ensuring that our diverse experiences and needs are considered.

Any Week of Action, particularly a State Lobby Week, is a powerful tool for advocacy and change. It's a designated period when our state conferences meet with state legislators to advocate for policies that align with our collective mission. This guide provides a structured approach for state units to organize an effective lobby effort.

The toolkit includes:

  • Steps to consider before, during, and after an advocacy event
  • The importance of state lobbying
  • Helpful dos and don'ts
  • Details on the federal legislative process
  • Sample email invitation and social media messages
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