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NAACP Opposes Discriminatory, Anti-Human Rights Laws Across the Globe

WHEREAS, the NAACP Constitution affirmatively states our objective to ensure the "political, educational, social and economic equality" of all people; and

WHEREAS, in 78 nations world-wide, including 38 countries on the African continent, laws have been enacted that carry criminal sanctions for consensual same-sex conduct. Some of these laws, including one passed in 2013 in Uganda, even impose the death penalty for same-sex relations, and others punish individuals for simply failing to report suspicions of same-sex behavior by friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances; and

WHEREAS, over the past decade, human rights violations on the basis of real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity have become increasingly visible across parts of Africa; and

WHEREAS, since the enactment of these discriminatory laws, violence against LGBT individuals and individuals suspected of LGBT activities has increased; and

WHEREAS, the NAACP has opposed and will continue to oppose any policy or legislative initiative, whether domestic or international, that seeks to codify discrimination or hatred into the law.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the NAACP in support of the international declaration of Human Rights calls on all countries to repeal draconian Anti-LGBT laws, and to protect all citizens of their country from all forms of discrimination and abuse; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the NAACP pledges to work with foreign governments to ensure the full exercise of all human rights for all people, regardless of their race, place of national origin, gender, age, or sexual orientation or gender expression.