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Opposing Arming School Staff as Part of a School’s Student Safety and Protection Plan

WHEREAS, school districts are governed by the federal Gun-free School Zones Act of 1990, which makes it unlawful for any unauthorized individual to possess a firearm in a school zone; and

WHEREAS, there are currently exceptions to the federal Gun-free School ZonesAct. Some statesallow for the local control of schoolboards in determining if they want to include an option for trained and armed staff to protect students, fellow staff members, and themselves, in an emergency situation; and

WHEREAS, better mental health care to address the mental health needs of students and the community is a viable alternative to more guns. More guns have servedto increase gun violence; and

WHEREAS, armed staff members expose students and staff to 'friendly fire' from armedstaff, as well as first responders; and

WHEREAS, arming staff members has legal implications, exposing districts to wrongful death litigation; and

WHEREAS, police with years of training and experience haven't always gotten it right, we cannot expect school staff with far less training and experience to be depended on to shoot the right person, at the right time; and

WHEREAS, it stands to reason that children of color who are disproportionately disciplined, suspended, and expelled, in American schools, will be disproportionately, negatively impacted by such policies and legislation.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ("NAACP") shall oppose any policy and or legislation which provides states and local school boards the option of allowing administrators, faculty, and other school staff to be an 'armed' part of a school's Student Safety and Protection Plan.

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