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Opposition to all Voucher System Re-affirmation

WHEREAS, quality education is a major civil right which has been historically advocated by the NAACP; and

WHEREAS, schools across the country have been identified and classified as "In Need of Improvement," with fewer than half the students performing satisfactorily; and

WHEREAS, such data for students has been recently published in many school districts; and

WHEREAS, the Federal or United States Government also recently issued a policy insisting on an option for transfers from these failing districts to a better one, regardless of whether the district has space; and

WHEREAS, under the new federal education law, parents have a right to demand that their children be transferred to another school.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP issue a "Call for Monitoring" procedure for all NAACP units, whereby the status of Requests for Student Transfers, as provided by the Federal "No Child Left Behind Act," will be periodically received, logged, monitored and reported to the State Conference Education Committee for review, assessment and approved advocacy action. In turn, the state conference will report to the Regional Office and NAACP Education Department a summary of the data. The NAACP Education Department shall develop an appropriate instrument for collecting, recording and reporting this information; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that local, state and national publicity shall be prepared and circulated by appropriate NAACP units, regarding this initiative to school boards, departments of education and parent affiliations.

Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

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