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Our #METOO Movement

WHEREAS, in 2006 Tarana Burke began the #METOO movement to aid women of color affected by sexual abuse; and 

WHEREAS, #METOO has evolved to a national movement that encourages girls and women who have been subjected to sexual harassment, abuse, and assault to use their voices to speak about their experiences and to stand united against these actions; and, 

WHEREAS, women in every employment industry and in everyday life have been sexually demeaned, harassed and assaulted; and 

WHEREAS, no woman should have to contend with such acts of harassment and sexual assault, and no woman should feel abused, threatened, extorted, or forced to engage in unwanted sexual conduct at any time; and, 

WHEREAS, with each act of sexual harassment and sexual assault, or any action which demeans women or causes women to be in fear of sexual aggression, women have been compelled to endure this dehumanizing behavior; and  

WHEREAS, many women have not felt safe enough to use their voices to stand against acts of sexual aggression, sexual harassment and sexual assault for fear of retaliation, or further sexual violence. 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, BY THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE, that it is committed to supporting the #METOO movement and speaking out against all forms of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse; and, 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NAACP will commit to working with leading experts on sexual harassment to ensure that all of our volunteer and NAACP staff will continue to be trained to recognize and address actions that fail to create an empowering environment for all who work and volunteer with our organization; and, 

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the NAACP calls on all political candidates and all participants in our democratic process to include in their policy pronouncements that they will adopt and support strong polices against sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. 

Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

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