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Police Brutality Against African Americans and Other Minorities

WHEREAS, African Americans and other minorities are targeted and detained in encounters with the police at a significantly higher proportion than their representation in the population; and

WHEREAS, African Americans and other minorities suffer unwarranted psychological, verbal, emotional and physical abuse in larger and increasingly disparate amounts by the hands of the police; and

WHEREAS, police are trained to use their guns, Tasers, and stun guns, or other excessive measures to gain control of a situation; and

WHEREAS, police brutality on African Americans and other minorities has been systematic and continues to go unchecked; and

WHEREAS, poor and working class communities are affected in disparate numbers than privileged communities; and

WHEREAS, current remedies under local, state, and federal laws are inadequate.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP reaffirms the following previous resolutions against police misconduct:

  • 1978 - Prosecution of Police and Correctional Officers for Criminal Acts
  • 1978 - Police Brutality
  • 1979 - Police Brutality
  • 1980 - Indiscriminate Use of Firearms by Police
  • 1983 - Use of Chokeholds by Police
  • 1983 - Police Brutality
  • 1987 - Police Brutality
  • 1992 - Police Brutality
  • 1996 - Excessive Force by Law Enforcement Officers and Police Departments
  • 2005- Calling For A Ban on Tasers
  • 2007 - Establish Model Standards, Policies and Training to Prevent Police Misconduct and Excessive Use of Force

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the NAACP educate the public and lawmakers and advocate for the reclassification of Tasers and stun guns as dangerous and deadly weapons; and that chokeholds and piling on tactics be classified as dangerous and deadly policing methods.