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Public Safety and State and Local Departments of Corrections

WHEREAS, it is a fundamental right of citizens to be safe while in the custody of any government entity or agency; and 

WHEREAS, in the United States, there is a pernicious history of African-Americans and other minorities receiving differential treatment while in the custody of law enforcement and corrections officials that include incidents that lead to injury and death; and 

WHEREAS, across the country, the health and well-being of individuals in custody should be of paramount concern to law enforcement and corrections officials; and 

WHEREAS, across the nation, there have been several instances where residents have been injured or killed while in the care and custody of the county's Department of Corrections, including the alleged homicide of Mr. Ronnie White, the unexplained death of Mr. Charles Cooper, and other unnamed inmates; and 

WHEREAS, the attitudes and values of corrections officials must demonstrate a concern for those in their custody and a belief that each incarcerated individual is deserving of basic human rights and dignity; and 

WHEREAS, state and local corrections officials should establish quality assurance processes to review and evaluate the physical and mental health of individuals who are in their custody, monitoring procedures for ―high risk‖ inmates; and 

WHEREAS, charges of misconduct by corrections officials must be thoroughly investigated and quickly resolved to preserve the credibility of the justice system; and 

WHEREAS, those found guilty of mistreating and abusing incarcerated individuals must be appropriately punished given their breech of the public's trust. 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People hereby condemns the unjust treatment of all prisoners and declares that such conduct perpetrated under color of law is counter to our country's values; and 

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that all units should meet and work with their state and local governments to establish procedures to reduce unjust injuries and deaths from occurring in their Departments of Corrections. 

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