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Re-affirming the 1983 Resolution on Environmental Protection

WHEREAS, there is inadequate control of toxic waste and its disposal; and

WHEREAS, the disposal of said toxic waste has impacted in a negative manner upon the poor of this country; and

WHEREAS, various coalitions of state legislators have begun pressing for bans on further construction of incinerators which could produce dangerous levels of toxic substances; and

WHEREAS, the alleged improprieties attributed to the Environmental Protection Agency tend to point to a misdirection of priorities; and

WHEREAS, all citizens, especially the poor of this country are often subjected to health risks as a result of disposal practices.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP calls upon its state and local branches to examine local toxic waste disposal laws and that the Association establish a task force and charge it to consider the impacts, actual and potential, of various toxic waste disposal scenarios on minority populations and that said task force submit its report to the 1984 Convention.