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Resolution on Head Start & Children’s Programming

WHEREAS, President Bush proposed to "Leave No Child Behind" during his campaign and proposed to support children and education; and

WHEREAS, President Bush now proposes to cut Early Learning by $20 million, Child Abuse prevention by $15.7 million and hearing screening for infants by $1 million; and

WHEREAS, President Bush now proposes a decrease by $200 million from the Child Care and Development Block Grant; and

WHEREAS, President Bush proposes to eliminate the Community Access Program, currently funded at $125 million to coordinate care for the uninsured; and

WHEREAS, President Bush's proposals for Head Start's funding level will result in 2,500 fewer children participating in Head Start in the program next year.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the NAACP opposes and rejects budget cuts which result in diminished programming of Head Start and children's programs in the FY 2002 budget; and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that the membership direct the Board of Directors to implement policy and programs, which would inform the public of the harm to children in our communities should budget imperatives be adopted; and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that the NAACP express its concern to members of the current administration and members of Congress during meetings of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate; and

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED, that while the NAACP supports tax relief, it does not believe in the sacrifice of healthcare, education or the future of our children; children's programming should not be cut to pay for an oversize tax cut and the NAACP should implore President Bush to keep his promise to "Leave No Child Behind."