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Resolution for NAACP Units to Call for Legislation Establishing Commission to Integrate African- American History into State Curricula

WHEREAS, the current study of African American history across the United States lacks concepts critical to a basic understanding of the history of African Americans; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for a chronological, sequential and historical accounting of the significant roles of African Americans in the development of this country; and

WHEREAS, African American history happened concurrently with American history thus African American history should be recorded, aligned and integrated accurately throughout curricula as it happens; and

WHEREAS, African American youth lack a basic understanding of their culture or history which would greatly enhance their personal worth; and WHEREAS, there has been legislation introduced and passed by the legislature of the State of New Jersey to establish an Amistad Commission as a result of a resolution submitted by the Willingboro Branch; and

WHEREAS, this Commission is presently developing curricula and programs that will be implemented in all New Jersey's public and private schools with the state mandate.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP use its resources to advocate for legislation in all states to establish state commissions to develop curricula and programs that integrates the historical accomplishments and challenges of African Americans across the various academic discipline.

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