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Support of Remedial Education for Youth and Young Adult Who are Not in High School

WHEREAS, tens of thousands of youngsters enter adulthood lacking the basic literacy and math skills needed to succeed in a global marketplace; and

WHEREAS, opportunities for remediation of deficient literacy or math skills are limited for those youth and young adults who are not currently enrolled in a high school; and

WHEREAS, programs needed to remedy the deficient literacy and/or math skills of America's youth and young adults not in high school are crucial to the nation's future prosperity; and

WHEREAS, funding for many of these remedial education programs is at risk due to looming budget deficits at all levels of government;

THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that all NAACP units actively advocate for the continued funding of programs designed to ensure that remedial education opportunities are available for youth lacking the basic literacy and math skills not in high school.

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