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Voter Suppression and Voter Nullification Laws

WHEREAS, there were more votes cast in the 2020 presidential election than in any other U.S. election in history, with historic turnout among African-American voters; and

WHEREAS, following the 2020 election, several state legislatures proposed and/or passed voter suppression laws that, among other things, make it more difficult to register voters, to vote by mail, to transport voters to the polls, to vote in person, and to provide food and water to voters waiting in lines at the polls, while making it easier to challenge ballots already cast, to invalidate ballots, and to overturn or otherwise discard election results that reflect the will of the voters as opposed to the wishes of state legislators; and

WHEREAS, such legislative actions are direct attacks on democracy and designed to prevent African Americans from wielding the political power that comes from voting; and

WHEREAS, any claim that such legislation serves a legitimate purpose or increases the integrity of elections is baseless and disingenuous.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP calls upon all states that have enacted such voter suppression laws to repeal them immediately.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that all State and Area Conferences of the NAACP oppose any such legislation when it is proposed, and, working with the Office of the General Counsel, challenge such legislation that already has been passed into law.

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