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Youth & College Election Procedures

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Youth councils, high school chapters, and college chapters are as strong as those who step up to lead them. Each year, NAACP units host elections to choose new leaders to guide the work and training of its members. All elections must be held between March 1st and April 30th of each year.

Election Procedures Manual for Youth & College Units details everything you need to elect unit leadership, including:

  • How to nominate a candidate
  • Who can serve and vote
  • Election day procedures and sample ballot
  • A suggested installation oath
  • How to handle contested results

Election Procedures INFORMATION

With the recommendation of the NAACP National Board of Directors, ALL NAACP Youth & College elections must be held virtually via ElectionBuddy to accommodate the low number of unit engagement in proper election protocol.

We recognize that units are not actively participating in elections, the election participation percentages are low and have been run incorrectly. This is a streamlined process to retain the integrity of the election process and operational effectiveness.

Units must hold elections to ensure compliance with the NAACP constitution and bylaws and the effective transition of unit leadership.

Updates, Timeline & Personnel

  • Unit elections will run from March 1st - April 30th.
  • Unit election training is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. View the training here.
  • National Staff will act as the election supervisory committee
  • Candidates must follow the same guidelines for nominations as outlined in the election manual. 
  • Units are unable to self-administer elections - Units MUST complete this process

Nominating Committee

  • Unit must identify their nomination committee, and the committee should be aware of the following & submit in a timely manner.

    • Formstack form will be used to serve as the youth and college election hub. The form will function as a way to gather the unit election date, time, and names of candidates.

Election Date, Time & Duration

  • Date and Time of election must be submitted by April 14th, 2024. Click here to submit.
  • Duration of election must be at the minimum 1 hour. 

See the full Election Manual below.

  • Youth Unit Election Manual 2024