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Youth & College Election Procedures

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Youth councils, high school chapters, and college chapters are as strong as those who step up to lead them. Each year, NAACP units host elections to choose new leaders to guide the work and training of its members. All elections must be held between March 1st and April 15th of each year.

Election Procedures Manual for Youth & College Units details everything you need to elect unit leadership, including:

  • How to nominate a candidate
  • Who can serve and vote
  • Election day procedures and sample ballot
  • A suggested installation oath
  • How to handle contested results

Election Procedures INFORMATION

With the recommendation of the NAACP National Board of Directors, ALL NAACP Youth & College elections can be held virtually to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations for physical distancing to keep members safe and healthy.

As we continue to navigate a "new normal" with physical distancing, we recognize that units must hold elections to ensure compliance with the NAACP constitution and bylaws and effective transition of unit leadership. With that we're advising units to hold unit elections in compliance with the constitution and bylaws, election manual, and the following recommendations:

  • Units elections can be held virtually using Zoom
  • Unit members in good standing will be notified 7 days prior to the virtual election. (i.e. nomination committee & candidate election)
  • Candidates must follow the same guidelines for nominations as outlined in the election manual.
  • Once a candidate's eligibility has been verified via salesforce/roster and they have completed the candidate consent form, (example) they will be placed on the official ballot which must be sent out with the meeting notification via the nomination committee.
  • All members in good standing are eligible to participate in the unit elections and must receive all email notifications and the official ballot.
  • An email with meeting notification and ballot must consist of registration to the virtual election. ALL registrants must be verified ahead of the election to ensure they are current members of the unit.
  • Voting will be done via an anonymous poll. Additional information about setting up zoom polls can be found at Zoom Support.
  • Minutes and official election results must be submitted to the National office and respective state conference no later than fourteen daysfollowing the election.
  • Once unit elections are complete, the unit executive committee must complete the new officer update form to collect the most up-to-date contact information for unit leadership. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  • We recommend that the previous executive committee leadership transfers/shares all internal passwords, documents, and banking information to the newly elected executive committee no later than 10 days after the election.¬†
  • Unit elections should be completed no later than¬† April 15, 2022. This means at the latest the last day to start your election process is March 25, 2022. If you are unable to complete a unit election by this deadline, please contact Derrick Lewis, National Field Organizer. (