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Student Debt Stories

Your Student Debt Story Matters

Collecting your stories helps us humanize the issue of student debt relief because it's not just about the policy. It's about the people who will be impacted. Help others understand the impact student debt has on individuals and the Black community as a whole.

Storytelling Tips

Tell your student debt story your way. There are many ways to share your story. No matter how you choose to share, be authentic, be brief, and honest to help others understand the impact of student debt on our everyday lives.

Student Debt Has Drastically Impacted My Life Because...

Zakiya A.

I can't get access to my transcripts to continue my education because I owe money to my school.

Franceska J.

Home buying is difficult and working in academia I cannot get my undergraduate transcripts because I owe. I have to pass on job opportunities.

Jeremy R.

It affects my ability to purchase or rent a home.

Dominique T.

I'll be 40 in 3 years and still unable to qualify for a home loan. I've been turned down for so many loans because of my debt-to-income ratio. I'm unable to live in a community that provides good school systems and nutritious grocery stores. I want my daughters to get a good education but the good school systems in Georgia are mostly in areas of homeowners. I'm unable to begin building generational wealth because it starts with owning property, which I don't have. I'm very behind in the race of life and our quality of life isn't as great as it could be because of the amount of student loan debt on my credit.

SeMia Bray

In 1988, I borrowed $20,000 to obtain an MBA. Since then, due to compounding capitalized interest, I have repaid over $70,000, yet still have a balance due of more than $50,000. If I maintain the current payment plan amount of $561.94/mo, my final repayment is projected for 2033 (11 years from now) and close to $160,000 in total payments. Making a total of 45 years to make the final payment for borrowing $20,000. I will be 67 years old with little retirement and no generational wealth to pass on to my children.

Leslie T.

The ever-increasing debt has kept me from obtaining better interest rates on car loans, applying for a mortgage loan, and being able to afford decent housing.

Leenieque J.

I'm losing sleep, I can't sleep. I have to medicate to calm my mind.

Sara K.

I can't afford monthly payments. The cost of living has made it extremely difficult and my taxes have been garnished before.

Amber C.

I have had to stagger payments in everything at a dangerous rate. So many collection agencies have been contacting me for years hounding me for money that I don't have.

Lynda E.

I applied for relief because I taught in economically depressed areas. (Title One Schools) My banking institution denied me payoff, even though I qualified and I have paid approximately 80,000 dollars over the years. My family was impacted. My community. My students.

Nicholas S.

I no longer expect a retirement, nor to have children. Why would I? I'm 36 and can't imagine owning a house, despite my white-collar corporate soulless job. I'm so stressed out that I've been to the hospital twice but can't convince myself to get therapy because I'm SO tight on money all the time.

Renee' B.

The company I worked for approved me to continue my education. 2 years later, they restructured my department and released me because of budgets. I was left to hold the bag and couldn't go back to school.

Having Student Debt For Me Means...

Terence W.

It is difficult to plan for the future by having a large monthly payment. I make more than 75,000 a year. However, it doesn't mean I struggle paying bills. My son is in college and does not qualify for financial aid.

Shaneka M.

Working 2 jobs to provide for my family's basic needs.

Jasmine P.

I chose a cheaper grad school because of my undergraduate debt and make trade-offs to pay for student loans.

Frances G.

Paying for my daughter's education as a single parent on a fixed income.

Carolyn G.

I have not been able to take and vacation in the last 10 years because I didn't have extra money. It also kept me from being able to give my full attention to what I learned because I worried so much about repaying the loan.

Sheri S.

My sole purpose for going to law school was to become a lawyer and advocate for children, women, fathers, and healthcare. The school was non-ABA but state accredited. It didn't have the best percentage rate for passing the Bar & after several attempts, I still have not passed, but have all the student debt remaining. I'm now nearing retirement age and I still have a huge debt remaining. I am 60 years old now and may not be able to ever retire.

Jarad J.

I have aspirations of becoming an Optometrist, but I cannot afford to add to my already high debt.

Kim S.

I've been paying on my loan, without default, for almost 15 years and it's still very expensive. I don't have a job in my field because the pay is so low.

Vincent V.

It hinders our household due to the expensive debt to get out of debt because of this and other necessary bills.

Masked Girl Studying with Computer and Notes - Inside

Sign the Petition: Cancel Student Debt

Student debt relief is the much-needed policy solution in the midst of this economic crisis. Urge President Biden to take executive action to cancel federal student loans at a minimum of $50,000.

Canceling student debt would mean that I could...

Rhonda W.

Have the ability to make the good decisions I need to make, without worrying so much about how much things will cost.

Candise W.

Rest assured of having my full SSI and being able to survive.

Bryce F.

Begin my career with a zero balance. I'm an African-American male so I have to be better than those around me already.

Nicole W.

Start a business, buy some property, afford to pay all my bills

Lyn S.

Relieve some of our stress, and focus my family's health

Joraine G.

Take a breath and provide better for my family.

Alexandra F.

Being able to get married, start a family, have savings, and be stress-free.

Ericka N.

Exhale and have a higher credit score. To be able to achieve my future goals.

Jessica C.

Live my life with decreased anxiety and hope for better opportunities.

I Support Free College and No Student Debt Because...

Crystal B.

Everyone deserves an education without debt for the rest of their lives

Denisa D.

The majority of these colleges were built off the backs of slaves and we are carrying the burden of not being able to afford the luxury of an education.

Mercedes B.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves with no strings attached.

Yaritza G.

It allows EVERYONE the opportunity to make something great out of themselves. Families would be better off. Mental health would improve in all of America. Relieve the burden!

Pilar F.

The less barriers there are to education, the better results there are for humanity.

Elaina A.

it would allow applicants the opportunity to focus on the merits of their eligibility instead of their financial capability. It would allow those with forgiven debt to pursue the unfulfilled dreams they have. It would lead to a wider variety of people running for political positions and doing it earlier in life hopefully reflecting what our country actually looks like.

Charlie M.

This is America! Disenfranchised individuals like myself deserve an opportunity to pursue the American dream. We've lived and survived reality. Please give us an opportunity to dream!

Kameisha C.

It really will help a lot of young people that are struggling and need help to support their families.

Asia S.

I live with the anxiety of this crushing debt everyday. The mental health benefits alone are reason enough to support cancellation but I strongly believe that cancellation will boost the economy and help reduce the economic gaps for certain minorities and POC.