Vote. Our lives depend on it.

It is not enough to vote in 2020. We must also remind others of what’s at stake and urge them to use their power at the ballot box.
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NAACP 2020 Election Special Coverage

Political analysts, elected officials, celebrity guests and supporters just like you join award winning journalist Ed Gordon for insights and analysis that speak directly to our concerns.
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Empowering Black-owned Businesses

Amid a pandemic that has sent our economy into free fall, Black-owned businesses need more access to capital and funding than ever before. And, so, we’re doing just that.
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Black Voices Change Lives

Millions across the country have declared –  enough is enough. Join activists, organizers, and industry leaders to improve, protect, and change our communities.

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Hold the Seat

The integrity of our democracy hangs in the balance and another Trump nominated Supreme Court Justice is sure to set our nation back even further.

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Stand up for equality

Today and every day, the NAACP is at the forefront of the movement to build political power and ensure the wellbeing of Black communities.

Activism Spotlight
Public policy is killing us. We must take power in our own hands.
Derrick Johnson, President & CEO, NAACP
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