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Making an impact

Our legacy of fighting for Black futures is strong and the impact of our work is felt in communities across the U.S.


Purple Protest Group

Now is the time to give to Black America. 

The NAACP is working to secure a future where everyone can exercise their civil and human rights in every aspect of life — education, health, criminal justice, and the environment — without discrimination.

There's too much at stake, and the future of our communities relies on your gift. Double your impact to help us support Black America by confronting the biggest issues facing the Black community. 

Give the gift of advocacy today.

Our Priorities for 2024

We mobilize voters

In the most consequential election in memory, it was essential for Black people to vote in massive numbers in 2022. And vote we did. NAACP played a crucial role, partnering with the data science firm GSSA to develop new tools and strategies for voter education and turnout in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. We built our program using cutting-edge data science combined with the engine of traditional organizing: the power of person-to-person connection.

Working toward a more just world

Advocacy in action: Environment and climate justice

Through outreach and training, we engaged Black coal miners, meat packers, and steelworkers with union and labor organizations to discuss the priorities of Black workers and families to ensure a just transition to a renewable energy economy.

Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

Funding Freedom Summer

The battle for our freedoms is going on right now, and with your help today, we can work together to repair America's democracy. Let's join forces and make a positive change for our country.

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