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Decriminalize Cannabis

Another Level of Freedom

For generations, discriminatory drug policies have undermined opportunity and disproportionately impacted Black communities across the country.

On June 17, 2024, Governor Wes Moore (D-MD) took a bold action to pardon over 175,000 Maryland residents with low-level cannabis convictions, marking an important step forward in reforming our nation's misguided drug policies.


Action is imperative. We've now seen 10 states take these necessary steps. It's time for 40 more Governors to pick up the pen and make opportunities possible for our community. Tell your governor to take action 

Let's make racial and criminal justice a reality.

For far too long, the criminalization of cannabis has been used as a weapon against Black America.  To achieve true racial equity, it is paramount that cannabis-related offenses no longer serve as barriers to opportunities such as employment, housing, and education. 

Urge your governor to stand on the right side of history to support reform for Black America.

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