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Black Man Teaching a Classroom of Students

Demand Educational Freedom in Florida

Reclaiming Our Education

The Florida Department of Education claims that the Advanced Placement (AP) African-American Studies course for high school students violates Florida law by including topics such as intersectionality, the movement for Black lives, and reparation - effectively whitewashing Black studies.

Teaching this country's students about the experiences and contributions of the Black community shouldn't be against the law

Demand an Equitable Education

The College Board creates and administers the AP program. Join us in demanding that they:

  • Reject the narrow interpretation of Florida law that contradicts principles of academic freedom and autonomy in determining what to teach in classrooms. 
  • Take swift action to make sure Florida does not modify the curriculum of the proposed AP African-American Studies course designed with the help of respected Black scholars, but rather, maintains the integrity of the proposed curriculum. 

Florida's current agenda of political interference in the AP African American studies curriculum directly conflicts with the values of equity, fairness, and justice. Our students deserve better.

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