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Invest in Black Communities

Black America Is Watching

U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's debt-limit-and-cuts bill creates a barrier for Black communities to truly thrive. These policies – ones that would make deep cuts in food access, healthcare, and economic equity – create a crisis designed to stifle Black Americans.

The NAACP is calling for the passage of a clean debt ceiling increase and deeper investments in – not unnecessary cuts to – programs like Medicaid, SNAP, school lunch programs, income supports, and Pell grants. These programs and others on the House chopping block are a lifeline for millions of Black Americans.

Email Your Representative

Federal investments in programs like Medicaid, SNAP, school lunch programs, income supports and Pell grants, and more are at stake. Your representatives in Congress have the power to act now so that Black communities continue to be a priority in America. 

Urge your representatives to oppose the Fiscal Responsibility Act's harmful provisions to Black communities and pass a clean debt ceiling.

The Black Homeownership Crisis

Higher interest rates, due to default, would increase costs both for would-be Black homeowners – worsening the gap between white and Black homeownership rates (72.7% versus 44%) as well as continuing to put pressure on rental costs.

This Bill Would Disproportionately Harm Black America By...

Happy Black Family in House

Hindering Food Assistance

The House bill would implement cruel and unnecessary exclusions to SNAP, a program that disproportionately helps lower-income people with food assistance, putting nearly 1 million Americans at risk.

Black Man Getting a Shot From a Doctor

Jeopardizing Healthcare Access

The House bill would add red tape and work requirements for people to access Medicaid and jeopardize access to healthcare for 21 million Americans, especially people of color, older adults, people with disabilities, and rural residents.

Two Black Females in Graduation Caps - Hugging and Smiling

Stifling Student Loan Forgiveness

The House bill would also claw back funds allocated to student loan forgiveness, which will disproportionately harm Black students and Black women - who hold the highest rates of student loan debt.

President Johnson

Do not accept the false choice between triggering an utterly avoidable economic catastrophe driven by politicians, or imposing costs and new harms on Black communities. The nation, especially Black America, is watching.

- Derrick Johnson, President and CEO, NAACP

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