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Group Holding Raised Fists in Protest

Investigate Rep. Mike Collins' Ethics

Protesting: A Civil Right

On May 2, a Black woman demonstrator participated in a pro-Palestine protest at the University of Mississippi. She was taunted by a group of white fraternity students, one in particular making ape-like gestures and sounds toward her. 

Representative Mike Collins (R-GA) disrespected the demonstrator even further by endorsing the fraternity students' actions - stating "Ole Miss taking care of business."

Mike Collins Ole Miss Tweet Screenshot

Email Your Representative

Join the NAACP in calling for the Ethics Committee to initiate a prompt and thorough investigation into Rep. Collins and his response to the Ole Miss video full of racist and demeaning actions.

The intent and implications of his seeming endorsement of the video's content through his public platform are disappointing, as we fully declare that any form of racism or endorsement of racism is unacceptable within our federal government.

Urge your representative to take action to ensure Rep. Collins is investigated.

Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

Six Months Until Election Day

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