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Justice for Dau Mabil

Tragedy Strikes Again

Last month, 37-year-old Dau Mabil suspiciously disappeared from his Jackson, MS neighborhood for nearly three weeks - and now, his body has been pulled from the Pearl River with signs of immense physical trauma.

The Mississippi Capitol Police rushed to determine no foul play was involved but because of the state's history of devaluing Black lives, outstanding questions, and a recently released video of Mabil on the March afternoon when he disappeared, we know this case can't be rushed.

It's time to join together to ensure that Dau's death is fully investigated and justice is served. 

Dau Deserves Justice

Sign your name to stand on the right side of history to identify the truth alongside Black America.

The Mississippi Capitol Police took over policing in the capital but have failed to do a thorough investigation. We will not stand for the facts surrounding Dau's death to be ignored. We will call out injustice and identify the protections that could have saved Dau's life. This is a situation that Black America is all too familiar with. 

Actions and answers are imperative. All resources should be utilized to identify the cause and circumstances surrounding the death of Dau Mabil. The NAACP demands the U.S. Department of Justice acts swiftly and put us on a path toward justice for this tragic loss of life. Dau, his family, and our community deserve action, transparency, and accountability.

Holding Mississippi Accountable

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