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Young Black Students in ACT-SO
Press Statement August 10, 2022

NAACP Applauds Biden Administration on CHIPS Act

Young Black Students in ACT-SO

The NAACP applauds the Biden administration on passing the CHIPS Act which was written to expand investments in STEM education and training. The CHIPS Act includes legislative authorization for investments which will expand geographic and institutional diversity of research institutions and researchers in STEM. The funding and support, which will primarily come from The National Science foundation, is set to directly impact Historically Black Colleges and Universities in expanding their STEM programs and research opportunities.

The CHIPS Act has been passed in a time where historically underserved students still fight for rightfully deserved access to opportunities in America. With the passing of the CHIPS Act, the HBCU community can delve into STEM research and innovation and provide their scientific contributions to society on a larger national stage.

This is a major step towards a more inclusive and equitable STEM community in America and we look forward to all the ways in which young Black people will thrive once awarded the opportunities outlined in the CHIPS Act through the National Science Foundation.