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NAACP - Statement Cover with logo - Gold - cropped
Press Statement January 6, 2023

NAACP Applauds President Biden for Signing the Martha Wright-Reed Act

NAACP - Statement Cover with logo - Gold - cropped

The NAACP applauds the signing of the Martha Wright-Reed Act, named after a grandmother who elevated this issue as she fought for affordable phone rates so that her incarcerated grandson could connect with her. 

This new law ensures that phone rates are reasonable so that loved ones can connect with those that are incarcerated.   As of now, cost vary and can be financially a hardship on families. 

Though the FCC must still go through the rule making process to bring this law into fruition, it is the right step and a promise kept by President Biden in bringing loved ones who are left in the wings a path to stay connected to their parents, brothers, sisters who are incarcerated without financial hardship.