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Keisha Deonarine headshot
Press Statement December 16, 2022

NAACP Director of Opportunity, Race, and Justice responds to racial bias claims against State Farm

Keisha Deonarine headshot

The NAACP is disturbed by the recent study detailing the difficulties and discrimination Black homeowners face after submitting home insurance claims to State Farm. While there may be small differences in how a claim is handled and the time required to obtain a payout, it's becoming clear that larger, systemic patterns of race-based discrimination plague State Farm. Our fight to correct this country's long history of racist housing practices, ranging from segregation and redlining to the subprime mortgage crisis, will continue as we seek to hold insurers accountable. State Farm must ensure this never happens again by providing real solutions which may include sensitivity training, improved audit processes, and further studies into the extent of the racial bias within the company. The NAACP is watching.

Keisha Deonarine
Director, Opportunity, Race, and Justice