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Portia Whitehead-Patrice Willoughby-Hillary Shelton
Press Statement December 15, 2022

NAACP Leaders Named as Top Lobbyists of 2022 by The Hill

Portia Whitehead-Patrice Willoughby-Hillary Shelton

Today, NAACP leaders Hilary Shelton, Portia Reddick White, and Patrice Willoughby were named among the country's top lobbyists of 2022 in leading political newspaper, The Hill.  The NAACP released the following statement celebrating the robust and impactful work of these talented leaders: 

"The NAACP celebrates these three passionate leaders who have worked tirelessly to further the Association's policy and legislative priorities for years. We are honored that they have been recognized as The Hill's Top Lobbyists of 2022 for leading the NAACP's work to push the needle forward in Washington. Our legislative work is informed by our connection to our state and local branches working on the ground across the country, the 2 million NAACP members nationwide, and communities of color who have been underrepresented in politics and policy for far too long. From voting rights and healthcare to gun violence and student debt, we strive to ensure Black voices are heard,  and the most pressing issues facing our communities are addressed in all policies being put forward in Congress. The NAACP remains steadfast in our commitment to protect every hard-fought legislative victory and will continue our work to push the country towards a more just and equal future."

Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

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