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Abre' Conner at COP27 in Egypt
Press Statement November 14, 2022

NAACP participates in COP27, hosts panel for Water Day

Abre' Conner at COP27 in Egypt

As the fight for climate equity continues across the world, the NAACP remains an active participant. This month, the Association sent a delegation to join top global leaders and organizations for the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt. This conference, which was first held in 1995 in Berlin, Germany, was established as an opportunity for climate leaders to come together to explore concrete solutions to global climate issues.

It is especially important that Black voices be amplified in critical discussions such as this as climate issues often have a disproportionate impact on Black communities across the globe. The NAACP knows that building an environmentally just society requires the eradication of discriminatory practices, and remains a vocal opponent of these practices and an advocate for underserved communities.

This is evidenced by the NAACP's recent advocacy on behalf of the residents of Jackson, MS. Upon learning of the water crisis in Jackson, our climate activists hit the ground to provide clean water to residents and worked to spread awareness of the crisis across the Nation. In September, Abre' Conner, Director of Environmental and Climate Justice, testified on Capitol Hill regarding the crisis, and the Association filed a federal complaint, which ultimately led to the Biden Administration launching an investigation into Mississippi's racially discriminatory use of federal funds for the city's water systems.

Throughout the years, the NAACP has remained a champion for environmental and climate justice, working with communities and partners to distribute critical resources when needed and discussing environmental injustices affecting the Black community on the global stage.  During COP27, the NAACP's delegation participated in discussions and hosted a panel on Water Day, November 14, a day to discuss issues related to sustainable water resource management. The Association will continue to work to provide research, tools, and strategies to ultimately eliminate climate racism.