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Africans in Ukraine
Press Statement February 28, 2022

NAACP Releases Statement on the Treatment of Africans During Russia's Attack on Ukraine

Africans in Ukraine

The NAACP is disheartened with the events surrounding the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. In these crisis moments choosing citizenship over humanity is an atrocity.  

Right now in Ukraine, Black families, immigrants from the African diaspora and other people of color – mothers, children, and students are not only facing challenges to evacuate a deadly warzone but are being pushed from trains and beaten by police officers. 

These callous acts are atrocious and reprehensible. As the world comes to the aid of the Ukraine and nations support the resettlement of people fleeing the nation, every individual must be treated with dignity and humanity.  We call upon the Biden Administration and the United Nations to take every necessary action to protect the rights and to ensure the safe passage of all persons fleeing this blatant attack on a Nation's sovereignty. The NAACP will do everything in its power to fight racist, cruel acts such as these – no matter where they are happening. 


  • Letter to European Commission Concerning Treatment of Black Families & Immigrants in Ukraine