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Press Statement May 23, 2024

NAACP Slams U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Allow South Carolina’s Racially Discriminatory Congressional Map to Stand

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May 23, 2024

Contact: Alicia Mercedes, 

WASHINGTON — Today, the Supreme Court issued a decision that reversed a federal trial court's unanimous finding that Congressional District 1 in South Carolina's 2022 map is an unconstitutional racial gerrymander. The Court also ruled that the district court applied the incorrect standard to Plaintiffs' intentional vote dilution claim and returned that claim to the district court for further proceedings.

Janette McCarthy-Wallace, NAACP Chief General Counsel shared the following statement in response:

"The Supreme Court's decision today dealt a severe blow to the ideals of democracy. Despite the constant barrage of efforts to stifle access to the ballot, the NAACP and voting rights advocates across the nation refuse to be deterred. While the court may have faltered in its duty to safeguard democracy, the collective power of the Black vote stands resolute — an unwavering force that transcends legal rulings and political maneuvering. The NAACP, in the face of this legal setback, stands in unwavering solidarity with its counterparts fighting legal battles for the protection and expansion of Black voting rights."

The decision is a rejection of the historical deference given to the trial court's factual findings and adds to the already difficult evidentiary burden that plaintiffs must demonstrate to remedy racial discrimination in voting. This decision underpins efforts nationwide to deny Black voters fair access to the political process to elect their preferred candidates.

"Today, the Supreme Court has failed the American people. Voting rights have taken another gut punch, and the future of democracy in South Carolina is dangling by a thread. Make no mistake - we are not backing down from this fight,"said Brenda Murphy, President of the South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP. "Despite today's news, the South Carolina NAACP will continue to utilize every resource at our disposal to ensure Black South Carolinians have an opportunity to make their voices heard in another pivotal election. This is what advocacy in action looks like."

Today's ruling is further evidence that racial discrimination in voting has not been eradicated in South Carolina. The NAACP calls on Congress to restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act — such as through passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act introduced this term — that have been steadily weakened by the Supreme Court. 



The NAACP advocates, agitates, and litigates for the civil rights due to Black America. Our legacy is built on the foundation of grassroots activism by the biggest civil rights pioneers of the 20th century and is sustained by 21st century activists. From classrooms and courtrooms to city halls and Congress, our network of members across the country works to secure the social and political power that will end race-based discrimination. That work is rooted in racial equity, civic engagement, and supportive policies and institutions for all marginalized people. We are committed to a world without racism where Black people enjoy equitable opportunities in thriving communities.

NOTE: The Legal Defense Fund — also referred to as the NAACP-LDF - was founded in 1940 as a part of the NAACP, but now operates as a completely separate entity.