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Black Tennessee Lawmakers
Press Statement April 7, 2023

NAACP Stands with Expelled Tennessee Lawmakers Defending Gun Control

Black Tennessee Lawmakers

"While what happened in the Tennessee legislature yesterday is horrific, it is not surprising. Extremist legislators, funded by corporate interests, have a history of undermining our democracy and failing to protect their constituents - especially in the South. The fact of the matter is, these so-called 'leaders' would rather line their pockets than uphold their sworn oaths. 

The NAACP commends Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, who had the courage to stand up and have a sensible conversation about their communities' policy needs. It is inexcusable that, while they upheld their oath to serve Tennesseans who are grieving the loss of last week's mass murder, their colleagues decided to use racial tropes to divert attention from their failure to protect the people they are supposed to serve. We will continue to stand with these champions of democracy, and are prepared to take whatever legal action is necessary to ensure that this heinous attempt to silence the voice of the people is addressed in a court of law."