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Statement from the President - NAACP
Press Statement September 13, 2022

Statement by NAACP President Derrick Johnson on Robert Sarver

Statement from the President - NAACP

NAACP President Derrick Johnson released the following statement in response to the NBA's actions against Robert Sarver:

"The NBA's response is shameful. Fining a Billionaire $10M is nothing but a speeding ticket. They have failed to adequately address this man's history of racism, sexism, and his years-long nourishment of a toxic culture. The fact that the NBA would hand down this so-called "punishment" in the same year we lost a legend like Bill Russell, who fought racism his entire life, only underscores how prevalant racism still is today. The punishment doesn't fit the crime whatsoever, and the NBA must do better than this. This is far from accountability."