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Build Back Black


Centering Economic and Racial Equity for Black Americans

We are in a moment in history that requires our deliberate action and mobilization. The Build Back Better Act has the ability to address historic issues of structural and systemic racism by making key investments in several areas that will have a profound positive impact on Black communities across the country. 

It is time to prioritize the needs and interests of Black America, while also addressing long-standing issues around the racial wealth gap and systemic racism.


Now that the Build Back Better Act has passed the House, we must ensure that it also passes the Senate so it can be signed into law. This legislation will have monumental positive impacts on addressing long-standing racial disparities affecting Black communities across this country.

Our U.S. Senators in Washington, D.C. are negotiating the final terms of this proposed package. With votes expected before the end of the year, it is vital that you act now. Contact your U.S Senators todayto advocate for:

  • Ensuring a comprehensive Child Tax Credit (CTC)   

  • Two years of free community college and lower tuition costs by enhancing Pell Grant access for low-and middle-income students at historically black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions 

  • The expansion of Medicaid & Medicare  

  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs 

  • Universal pre-k for all three and four-year-olds 

  • Guaranteed 12 weeks of paid family & medical leave for workers 

  • Investments in worker training programs  

  • Investments in affordable and low-income housing 

Urge your Senators to fully support the passage of the House version of the Build Back Better Act. 

Other Ways to Help Build Back Black

Take action to ensure the Build Back Better Act includes funding for the most important programs and tax incentives impacting Black Americans.


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Are you ALL IN?

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