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Labor Week of Action


NAACP Labor Action Week 2021 will bring together elected officials, union leaders, and civil rights change-makers and activists to provide an advocacy framework and solutions for administering and implementing an infrastructure plan that prioritizes the needs and interests of Black America, while also addressing long-standing issues around the racial wealth gap and systemic racism within the trade and various other employment industries.  

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Join the Conversation

Build Back Black: Infrastructure for Black America will bring together elected officials, union representatives, and NAACP leadership to discuss the economic opportunities presented by the Infrastructure Bill, and strategies for implementation that will center and prioritize Black workers, businesses, and Black Communities.

Unemployment in Black America

Although 850,000 jobs were added in June, the unemployment rate rose slightly to 5.9%, after falling from 6.1% in April. However, Black workers have experienced the highest unemployment rate since April.

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To #BuildBackBlack, I pledge to:

  • Continue to educate myself and my community on the Build Back Better Plan by staying equipped with information and new updates on the plan.

  • Reach out to my state senators. Call, email, to advocate for them to intentionally prioritize Black workers and businesses in the implementation of the Infrastructure and American Jobs Plan.

  • Collaborate within my community. I will connect with local/state elected officials, labor unions, and other civil rights or racial justice organizationsto help develop an advocacy strategy and approach to ensure that the needs of the Black community are lifted up through several public channels, including local political and policy discussions and media sources.  

  • Create community support systems. I will help provide community support, guidance, and resources to those interested in applying for grants or taking other steps to strengthen Black businesses and communities.



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Providing Grants for Black Business Owners

Amid a pandemic that has sent our economy into free fall, Black-owned businesses need more access to capital and funding than ever before.

We have partnered with organizations such as BeyGOOD, Vistaprint and the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Diversity Capital, Hello Alice, and many more to support Black entrepreneurship.

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