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Black Child Putting "I Voted" Sticker on Woman's Cheek - Smiling

All Units Call: Civic Holidays


Election Season is approaching, and we want to ensure members are aware of the upcoming national Civic Engagement Holidays: National Voter Registration Day, National Voter Education Week, National Voter Early Day, and National Election Hero Day.

We set the standard in 2023, and now it's time to do it again with more volunteers as election season is coming around the corner. With your help, democracy wins.

Youth Recruitment Photo

Let's Talk Civics

We're preparing to defend democracy in 2024. With your help, we can reach our goal of 50,000 voter registrations between now and November 7th!

Lead a voter registration drive in your community by becoming a Democracy Defender or joining the Vote 4 Me campaign, our youth-centered civic engagement program.