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Power Your Vote



This year, we have an incredible opportunity to build Black political power at every level of the ballot. Your vote is incredibly important, and here's why: Black voters can…

  • Elect candidates who support policies that improve Black lives;
  • Elect US Senate and Congress members that pass laws that impact the right to vote and police accountability.
  • Elect your next Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and others who make decisions on distributing federal funds and appointing state judges.
  • Elect legislators at the county, city, and municipal levels that make decisions from regular trash pickups and broken street lights to what crimes are prosecuted and the quality of education children in your community receive. You can elect your next mayor, city/county council member, sheriff, district attorney, or school board member. Don't sit these out!
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Become a Volunteer

The 2022 midterm election is in our hands. Volunteer to register and mobilize voters to help make a difference in your community. Help us build Black political power and amplify our voices at the polls.


All states matter but these 22 states are at the frontlines of the battle for our democracy:

Targeted States - Power Your Vote - CROPPED


Now more than ever, we must put up the biggest fight of our generation to protect the freedom and power to vote. Voter mobilization is key to ensuring we get the access and equity we deserve. 

Commit to:
  • Vote your entire ballot in 2022
  • Volunteer to register and mobilize voters in your community. We're here to help!
  • Make a donation toward the fight for voting rights.

3 Ways to Participate in the 2022 Election

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Amplifying our voices at the polls

The Building Community Voice (BCV) Fund provides grants to 501(c)(3) organizations working to increase the political voice and representation of the Black community. If you run voter education and voter protection programs that target down-ballot and local elections, we're looking for you.

As a grantee you'll receive information and assistance to enhance clarity, coordination, and success of your mobilization efforts, including:

  • Data and messaging research
  • Listing of priority voting jurisdictions and local elections
  • Voter data and contact tools
  • Central and state-based infrastructure and assistance
  • Training and strategic guidance

Foster civic engagement and voter participation in underrepresented Black communities by joining this growing network of grantees organizing to make a difference this election season.


More than a century after the right to vote was declared fundamental, that right is under attack. Efforts to make it harder for racial minorities to participate in the political process are proliferating across the country state by state- and we're fighting those efforts in court.


The NAACP is working to ensure all voters are informed about how to vote. Want to know more about election rules in your state? Visit and click on your state for more information. 

Teal Supreme Court

Continue to Protect Democracy

NAACP, with the help of volunteers and partners, works to make sure Black voters are engaged and encouraged to vote in every election.

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Cropped - Derrick Johnson - President and CEO, NAACP

Our power lies within our vote, and we become even greater when we put our collective power together at the polls.

- Derrick Johnson, President and CEO