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A Vote for Democracy

Democracy is broken. Let's fix it.

This election season, we hold the most powerful tool to make democracy work for Black Americans: our vote. The issues that affect our community will make or break how we continue to thrive in this country. Together, let's amplify the voice of Black America to make sure solutions to our most pressing issues are equitable by voting.

 With your help, we can fix America's broken democracy.

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Problems at the polls? Report it.

If you run into any issues while voting, report your incident to the NAACP. We're tracking voter intimidation and suppression and offering support through Election Day.

Report an incident

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Explore What's On Your Ballot

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Ready for 2024

Step up your civic engagement in 2024 by volunteering to increase Black voter turnout. Whether it's to rally your fellow voters or help protect the polls, we need you.

Your Voting Options

Thriving in Democracy

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Report an Incident

If you ran into any issues while voting, report your incident to the NAACP.

Report the Incident
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It's up to us to make sure that democracy works for all.

- Wisdom Cole, National Director, Youth and College