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Pennsylvania Voter Guide Hero

Pennsylvania Voter Guide

Pennsylvania Voter Guide Hero

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People often don't vote because they don't know where candidates stand and are confused about how to find out. Widespread political cynicism, disinformation, and spin don't help. But nonpartisan candidate guides provide a concise and credible way to compare candidates' stands and make clear why voting matters.

Use the below voter guide, powered by, to help you decide who should represent you in elected offices across Pennsylvania in 2023.

Pennsylvania - let's get to work.

The Key Issues

See where your potential elected officials stand on the important issues that affect the Black community in Pennsylvania. is a strictly nonpartisan effort to show where candidates stand, with links to credible sources. The information in these guides is provided in order to educate voters about issues that are important to them. and NAACP do not support or oppose any political party or candidate, including any candidate in these guides. To create the guides, our team of researchers combs through credible sources to provide concise and trustworthy summaries of candidate positions. If we cannot find a candidate position after extensive research, we will note "No position found."