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NAACP in Jackson - Water Crisis

Reclaiming Our Water

Join us for a conversation on how to prioritize the need for clean, safe water for all Black communities.

Jackson Water Crisis Drive 33

Black Communities Deserve Safe Water

Black communities continue to bear the brunt of environmental injustices and safe drinking water violations. The NAACP has led efforts with local branches and units regarding the need for clean and safe drinking water in many Black communities across the country and has drawn attention to places like Jackson, Mississippi, which faced decades of disinvestment.

Now places like Houston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Allensworth, and others continue to share narratives of contamination and water infrastructure issues.


Watch the Discussion

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Get Involved In Your Community

You can fight for safe water in your own community by taking the following actions:

  • Host a screening of a documentary on water or environmental justice issues
  • Host a river, lake, or body of water cleanup
  • Host a session to write to your Governor and state legislature to demand Black communities in your state are prioritized in distributing water infrastructure funding
  • Host a creative session to allow people to share through art visual, written, or other depictions of water issues in Black communities and discuss
  • Host a panel with local environmental justice advocates to learn more
  • Educate yourself on what environmental justice is and share your findings with a friend
  • Host a march or other demonstration to amplify the issue
  • Join us on social: Post a 30-60 second video of yourself showcasing how you're getting involved in your community and tag @NAACP and BLD PWR on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.