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State of the Union



Each year the President takes the national stage to discuss what's working in the United States and what's not…and plans to fix it. The President's plan and Congress' action - or inaction - to move us forward will inform our votes come November. As we enter a crucial election season, tune in to hear how our leaders are addressing issues important to the Black community.

Black America is Watching

President Biden has his plans for the country and we have ours. Every community and voter is different. What issues you do you want to see the President address during his State of the Union speech?

Watch the State of the Union

Purple Congress

The Black Policy Agenda

Based on recent current events and threats that loom over our nation, the advancement of progress on these policies is crucial to fulfilling promises of racial justice made on President Biden's 2020 campaign trail. View the NAACP's key priorities and recommendations for the remainder of the current administration's term.