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Women of Courage

Black women will speak about their leadership journey, success tips, and more.

The Conversation Begins In —

The Journey to Thrive

Join us for a conversation on resilience: succeeding and leading as a Black woman. Learn more about the barriers they've faced and the strength they used to overcome them and thrive.

Moderated by Dr. Thelma Thomas Daley, our phenomenal panelists include:

  • Tanisha Sullivan, President, Boston Branch 
  • L. Joy Williams, President, Brooklyn Branch 
  • Kamiliah Landrum, Executive Director, Detroit NAACP
  • Danielle Sydnor, NAACP Member 
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Save Your Spot

This conversation is one that you don't want to miss. Learn more about the journey of these phenomenal Black women navigating their journeys in their own way.