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Idris Robinson

Director, Health and Well-being

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Idris Robinson

In his role as Director, Health and Well-being, Idris is responsible for implementing innovative strategies and solutions for lasting change to accelerate health equity.

Idris has a decade of experience and has worked on social and behavioral change projects in 20+ countries. With a resolute commitment to health equity, Idris draws upon a robust foundation of experience, having diligently advocated for marginalized communities through public health program management, cross-cultural capacity building, and collaborative community engagement on both national and global scales. 

He earned his Bachelor of Science from Virginia State University and his Master's in Public Health from Drexel University with a focus on Health Management and Health Policy. His ongoing doctoral research focuses on tailoring cultural spaces, like faith settings and the Black barbershop, to improve health outcomes of people of color, epitomizing his commitment to inclusive health solutions.