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Adding New Section 5(t)(Young Adult) to Article, IV, Constitution and By-laws for Branches

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all language be transferred from 5s to 5t (a new section) and replacing the former language from 5s with the language below to Article IV, section 5s (Young Adult) Constitution and By-Laws for Branches to read as follows:

(t) YOUNG ADULT COMMITTEE. The committee shall consist of the Youth Unit(s) Presidents and at least five (5) other members appointed by the Branch President. It shall be the function of the Young Adult Committee to:

  1. support all Branch activities;
  2. stimulate interest through advocacy training and solicit memberships of 25-35 year olds;
  3. create a multi-directional mentorship program (Branch to Young Adults and Young Adults to Youth Units) to serve as a support bridge from Youth and College to Branch participation;
  4. provide networking and social opportunities for young adults in the local community; and
  5. encourage the participation of young adults in all activities and leadership within the Branch.