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Change Article V, Section 4(e) (Labor and Industry), Constitution for Youth Councils of the NAACP

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, to change Article V, Section 4(e) (Labor and Industry) in the Constitution for Youth Councils of the NAACP to read:

Youth Employment and Economic Empowerment. The committee shall seek ways to empower youth economically by:

  1. encouraging the development of job readiness training and placement programs for youth and young adults.
  2. studying levels of unemployment and underemployment of working age youth and the causes of each.
  3. working for improved opportunities in vocation and apprenticeship training.
  4. working to eliminate discriminatory employment practices.
  5. studying levels of youth and young adult credit debt and creating programs to decrease debt.
  6. creating training programs in entrepreneurship, savings, investment, and home ownership.
Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

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