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Amend and Ratify Charter Eligibility Criteria for the NAACP Prison Branches in the Bylaws for Units of the NAACP

WHEREAS, NAACP prison branches are in dire need of reducing their charter eligibility criteria; and

WHEREAS, current institutional policies now enacted hinders NAACP Prison branches from maintaining charter eligibility criteria; and

WHEREAS, due to prisoner transfer and re-shuffling between institutions and being released on parole from prison makes sustaining 50 members extremely difficult; and

WHEREAS, NAACP Prison Branches should be held under the same charter eligibility criteria for College Chapters.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP will change Article III Section 3(c) Charter Eligibility Criteria for Prison Branches. In any prison/correctional facility where there is no existing Prison Branch, applications shall be made to the National Office for Prison Branch charter in conjunction with procedures established by the Board of Directors. Prospective Prison Branches must be comprised of no fewer than 25 members. Section 3 (c)(1) Maintaining a Prison Branch Charter. A Prison Branch shall maintain no fewer than 25 members; shall pay all annual assessments; and, shall file all annual year-end reports as required by the Association.

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