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Black Veterans Deserve More Support

WHEREAS, veterans of the United States Armed Forces provided a unique and vital service to the nation as a whole in the preservation of freedom and liberty enjoyed by all who reside within our borders; and

WHEREAS, black veterans of the United States Armed Forces have served this country to protect and preserve this country's freedoms since the Civil War; and

WHEREAS, black veterans are entitled to their vested rights to health care, education, housing, employment and rehabilitation in exchange for their service; and

WHEREAS, black veterans are often systematically denied the same level of services and benefits as their white counterparts; and

WHEREAS, black male veterans are disproportionately more homeless and more unemployed than any other ethnic group who has served in the United States Armed Forces.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP do more to bring attention and awareness to the plight of black veterans in America; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the NAACP organize an annual workshop at the National Convention and state conference conventions to bring awareness to the unique concerns confronting black veterans in this country, and to formulate recommendations for solutions to be submitted to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs of the United States of America.