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Change Article II, Section 1(b) Objectives in the Bylaws for the Units of the NAACP

Article II, Section 1(b) Objectives

Purpose of Units

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, to change Article II, Section 1(b) in the Bylaws for the Units for the NAACP to read as follows:

In addition, its objectives shall be to stimulate the branches, prison branches, youth councils, high school chapters, college chapters, authorized committees, and any and all units of the Association in its jurisdiction to greater activity in the fight for freedom; to revive dormant Units in the state or state/state-area conference; to organize new Units; to assist the Association in the conduct of the work of the NAACP by increasing support for the Association by the various Units; to coordinate the activities and secure the cooperation of Units within the state/state-area conference; to eliminate discrimination and injustice against minority people in the area; to seek the enactment of laws in the state legislature which will advance the programs and policies of the Association. With respect to the youth Units, these objectives should be carried out through the Youth and College Division of the State/State-Area Conference.