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Change Article IV, (Advisor) Constitution for Youth Councils of the NAACP

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Article IV, (Advisor) be changed in the Constitution for Youth Councils of the NAACP to read as follows:

Section 1 Youth Council Advisor: There shall be an Advisor for Youth Councils in conformity with the rules of the Association. The Advisor must be a member in good standing of the Association, be at least twenty-five (25) years of age; reside or work within the jurisdiction in which the Youth Council operates and shall be in accord with the aims and objectives of the Association.

Section 2 Selection of Advisor: In jurisdictions where there is a Branch and a Youth Council, the Youth Council shall submit to the Branch Executive Committee at least one (1) name, but not more than three (3) name(s) of an adult members in good standing who has been selected as the Advisor. In the event the Branch Executive Committee does not accept the submitted names for advisors, the Branch has thirty days to prepare and forward justification for denial consistent to Article XII, Section 2 of the Constitution for Youth Councils to the Youth Council Executive Committee. Upon receiving a denial, The Youth Council has the option to submit another name(s) or to file a formal complaint with the Internal Affairs Committee. Should the Branch Executive Committee fail to act on the submitted name within thirty (30) days after the submission, the submitted name adult shall become the advisor. The Branch Executive Committee shall appoint the Youth Advisor for Junior Youth Councils.

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