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Establishing a National NAACP Earl T. Shinhoster Memorial Voter Empowerment Award

WHEREAS, Earl T. Shinhoster devoted his life to the principles and mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP]; and


WHEREAS, his involvement in the NAACP began thirty-seven years ago as a volunteer and founding member of the Connie Wembley Youth Council in Savannah, Georgia and continued through his employment at various levels of the Association; and


WHEREAS, Earl demonstrated an unparalleled commitment and loyalty to the NAACP from a local grassroots to a national executive perspective; and


WHEREAS, he was fatally injured in an automobile accident on June 11, 2000 near Tuskegee, Alabama while on a public service mission; and


WHEREAS, Mr. Shinhoster's last official charge of the NAACP was to have been to register four million new voters this year in his position as National Director of Voter Empowerment.


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the NAACP honor the lifetime dedication of this internationally renown political, social and civil rights activist by the establishment of an Earl T. Shinhoster Voter Empowerment Project Award to be presented annually to the individual, group, branch, state conference or region exhibiting the most outstanding contributions in the area of voter registration, voter education, voter participation and/or political action activities.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this year's voter Empowerment Campaign be dedicated to the memory of Earl T. Shinhoster and charge each member of the NAACP to redouble their efforts in a 2000 NAACP Convention "Let's Do It For Earl" Kick Off Campaign.