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Establishment of a Rapid Investigative Police Brutality and Investigative Team (RIPBT)

WHEREAS, the use of excessive and deadly force is disproportionately applied by police officers in the arrest of African Americans; and

WHEREAS, verbal abuse and harassment consisting of racial slurs and other discourteous language are often found in cases where police brutality is involved; and

WHEREAS, some NAACP units have gathered evidence of a historical pattern and practice of police misconduct committed by sworn officers; and

WHEREAS, there is a nationwide need for an immediate and swift response to the continuing problem of police brutality based upon race, as evidenced by cases in California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, etc.; and

WHEREAS, to ensure the preservation of evidence, to ensure a proper, adequate and full investigation by local and federal authorities if necessary, to ensure that victims secure immediate independent investigative assistance and to further ensure that media accounts fairly portray the interests of the victim; and

WHEREAS, the speed with which an independent and objective fact-finding investigation can commence in cases of alleged police brutality, is paramount to an amelioration of the matter; an investigative "Rapid Investigative Police Brutality Team" (RIPBT) is one mechanism that might be effectively utilized; and

WHEREAS, the NAACP investigate the retaliatory used against Black police associations that speak out against those who commit the acts of brutality.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all NAACP units are urged to contact their congresspersons and senators to endorse and support the Law Enforcement Trust & Integrity Act of 2003; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the NAACP National Board of Directors appoint a Blue Ribbon Committee to establish "Rapid Investigative Police Brutality Teams" (RIPBT) consisting of experienced professionals such as criminal defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, forensic investigators, former police detectives and other volunteers to work speedily with local NAACP units throughout the nation whenever there are allegations of serious police misconduct.