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“For Profit” Companies Working with Prisons

WHEREAS, African Americans are number one in every eight in population yet comprise one out of every two prison inmates while percentage wise committing fewer crimes; and

WHEREAS, African Americans receive stiffer penalties and serve longer periods of time in jail; and

WHEREAS, African Americans are tried and sentenced by a majority other than their peers; and

WHEREAS, a new kind of slavery has been introduced with "for profit" firms that have been engaged in profiting on many innocent victims and others due to lobbying and support of judicial candidates and many elected officials. There appears to be an agreement that guarantee specific numbers of inmates at all times; and

WHEREAS, the profit motive in the prison system in this country promotes a new kind of slavery with many "for profit" companies benefiting from a high number of inmates of all times with the support and lobbying efforts of certain government officials; and

WHEREAS, many African Americans are disfranchised disproportionately after having served their time while not having voting rights restored upon completion of their sentences; and

WHEREAS, a guaranteed number of prisoners provide an avenue and incentive to use this class of citizens as political prisoners due to continued racial discrimination; and

WHEREAS, their incarceration, at a disproportionate rate, has a genocidal on African Americans.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP units investigate the for-profit motive and its inherent employment practices of companies working with prisons.