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Guide for NAACP Committee Written Reports

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Committees help plan, implement, and elevate every unit's work to end race-based discrimination. To document activities and inform the rest of the unit, committee leadership will use the template below to submit an overview of their discussion along with conclusions drawn, motions, and resolutions/recommendations for action.

Guide for Committee Written Reports

Date/Time of Meeting:
Members and visitors present:

(identify all committee members)


(The first sentence should list all of the topics and discussion items.)


(Provide an overview of the main points of discussion, including factual information, conclusions drawn, motions and recommendations or action. Only include what was agreed upon by the majority of the committee.)


(Identify and make clear any action that needs to be ratified by the Executive Committee and/or general membership. This is the only part of the report that requires a motion for acceptance. Otherwise, after the report is read, no motion is required and it can be received for information only.)


(The Chair and Secretary must sign the report for it to be official.)

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